Your right to work documents are an essential part of your application πŸ“

It’s important we can see all four corners of each document you’re sending in πŸ‘Œ

If you are from the UK, we need either a photograph of your passport and a selfie of yourself holding your ID or a photograph of your birth certificate (long version with your parents’ names on it), proof of your NIN (P45, P60 or HMRC letter) & a photo ID (anything with your face picture on it – citizen card, drivers license, etc)!

If you are not from the UK, we need a share code from: and a photograph of your documents; a passport if you’re from the EU (both pages of the photo page with all corners clearly visible) or the front & back of your BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) if you’re non-EU.

Please note We cannot accept a scanned copy/pdf format.

Tip πŸ’‘ If you do not have a copy of your NIN you can request it here: