What is a strike? How do I remove it? What is a ban?

Last updated on 07 March 2024

What is a strike?

A strike is a mark on your account which shows that you’ve broken one of our set rules as to how employers expect you to behave. It’s only visible to you and to us (not to current or prospective employers), so that won’t prevent you from getting work in the immediate term.

How do I get a strike?

There are five ways you can get a strike:

  • Not showing up for a shift you were booked on
  • Canceling your shift within 24 hours of shift start
  • Turning up late to your shift
  • Turning up for your shift dressed incorrectly
  • Receiving negative feedback from your employer

What happens if I get a strike?

Don’t panic if you get a strike – take it as an opportunity for you to improve your performance. You can continue working with us as long as you have no more than two active strikes on your account. Getting a third strike may, unfortunately, result in you no longer being able to use the app to book jobs.

What’s an instant ban?

We consider the following offenses serious enough to constitute an immediate indefinite suspension from Indeed Flex:

  • Not turning up to your shift
  • Canceling your shift less than 30 minutes from shift start
  • Any form of gross misconduct

If you’re asked to leave a shift for misconduct, you won’t be paid for the remainder of that shift.

What about more serious rule breaks?

Certain actions, such as being verbally or physically abusive to your colleagues or employers, go beyond simple strikes and could have more serious consequences for you, including the suspension of your account. These will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

How do I remove strikes from my account?

Work 10 strike-free shifts in a row, and we’ll change your oldest strike to ‘inactive’ – effectively removing it from your record. You can track your progress towards removing a strike under the Strike Details tab.

Can I appeal a strike?

If you feel like you were given a strike incorrectly, you can reach out to us via in-app support and tell us your side of the story.

Go to ‘Profile’ > ‘Strike Status’ > ‘Strike Details’ to locate your strike. Tap the strike, and you’ll be taken to a simple appeal form. You’ll then have the opportunity to tell us why you feel the strike shouldn’t have been received.

Please note that you can only appeal a strike within 3 days (72 hours) of receiving it. You should expect to hear back from us within 1-3 days of you launching your appeal.

How do I contact Flex once I’m banned?

Please log into the Flex app to learn more.

For more information you can view our Flexer terms & conditions