Instant Pay for Flexers

Last updated on 29 January 2024

How does Instant Pay work?

To use Instant Pay, simply clock in and out of your shift with location services turned on. Indeed Flex will then share your hours, and the amount you’ve earned, with a third party provider, FlexEarn.
Later that day, the FlexEarn app will display the amount you’ve earned (minus Holiday Pay) and the 70% of those earnings you’re able to withdraw at that point. If you choose to withdraw an amount (up to that 70%) it will be transferred to your account instantly.
On pay day (Friday of the following week) you’ll be paid the rest of your wages minus what you withdrew through FlexEarn, the £1.50 transaction fee, as well as your taxes and any other deductibles you may have.

Is there a limit on how much I can withdraw?

You’ll be able to withdraw up to £200 per transaction.

What if I have problems clocking in/out of my shifts with location services turned on?

Get in touch with Support, through Live Chat, and the team will manually clock you in.
You may not be able to withdraw funds for that specific shift, but we’ll fix this issue for the next time you choose to use Instant Pay.
If you want to know how to turn on location services, it differs slightly depending on your device.
For iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Security > Location Services, then turn on
Location Services.
For Android, go to your Settings app > under ‘Personal’, tap ‘Location Access > at the top of the screen, turn ‘Access to my location’ on.

Who is FlexEarn? Are they owned by Indeed Flex?

Despite the similarities in name, FlexEarn is not owned by or affiliated with Indeed Flex and exists as a separate company in its own right. They’re an Earned Wage Access company who we’ve partnered with to offer you Instant Pay.

Am I obliged to claim my wage early?

No. This is an optional service. It’s entirely up to you whether you claim your wage early after every shift, only sometimes, or simply don’t claim early and wait to get paid all of your wages on the following Friday, as usual. This is all about giving you, the Flexer, choice and control over how and when you get paid.

Will there be a fee to access my wages early?

Usually there would be, yes -  a charge of  £1.50 per withdrawal, from FlexEarn. However, for the whole of September, we’re looking to cover that fee for you, so you’ll pay nothing.

Am I eligible for Instant Pay?

Yes. All Flexers are eligible for Instant Pay as long as you clock in and out correctly, with your location services turned on, and you have access to a FlexEarn account. You also need to have been paid through Indeed Flex at least once in the last three months.

Why can I only withdraw a part of what I’m owed?

We’d love to pay you 100% up front, but this wouldn’t allow enough time for our payroll team to process deductions like income tax, pension and National Insurance contributions, so we offer you 70% in advance.

When will I get the rest of what I’m owed?

You’ll receive the rest of your earnings on the following Friday, as usual, after all deductions take place, including the amount you already withdrew and any associated transaction fees.

The final amount available to me is different from what I initially estimated. Why?

The Indeed Flex app will show your estimated earnings for the week, but employers may subsequently adjust your approved hours throughout the week and this will impact the hours visible on your FlexEarn app.

Where can I see my total earnings?

Your total and final earnings will always be shown on your payslip which you will receive on Fridays. This will have all your earnings from the previous week, as well as income tax, pension contributions and National Insurance deductions. Your payslip will always be the most accurate representation of your earnings.

When I claim Instant Pay, will I pay taxes?

Yes, you’ll still pay taxes on your wages when you receive them on Friday following the week in which you worked. On that Friday, you’ll receive the remaining amount of your earnings, minus the amount you withdrew early from FlexEarn, tax deductions, and FlexEarn’s £1.50 transaction fee.

How soon after my shift ends can I request my wages?

You can withdraw up to 70% of your wages within hours of finishing your shift (provided you’ve clocked in and out correctly). That money should then show in your account within 5 minutes after requesting it.

Up to what point in the week can I request Instant Pay?

You will only be able to request Instant Pay for the shifts you’ve worked within the current week. You can request Instant Pay at any time within the open pay period, which runs Monday-Sunday. After midnight on Monday, you’ll no longer be able to request the previous week’s money as you’d now be in a new pay period.

Where do I go for help?

If you have any questions regarding your hours or earnings, please reach out to our Support team using the app's Live Chat feature. Simply go to your Profile, select Support, and then tap on 'Chat with support'. You can also find answers to a number of pay-related questions, here. For any issues with the FlexEarn app, please use FlexEarn’s in-app Live Chat.

The amount displayed on FlexEarn is incorrect. What should I do?

FlexEarn receives regular updates, throughout the day, of your gross earnings from Indeed Flex. If the amount showing in FlexEarn still looks incorrect after a day, then please contact Support through Live Chat in the Indeed Flex app, and they’ll look to resolve things for you.

I want access to this but I don’t want you to share my data with FlexEarn or any other 3rd party…

Sometimes we have to work with third parties to give you, the Flexer, the service we want to, as is the case with FlexEarn. For you to be able to use their platform, and access your pay quicker, we need to share your name, email address, and daily earnings with them. Other details you will be prompted to give yourself, if you choose to sign up.

Why do I have to pay a fee to receive my wages?

The transactional fee is industry standard to be able to use this type of service. FlexEarn’s fee is one of the lowest across the board.

But, as mentioned, you don’t need to worry about it for this month - we’re covering it. Handy for a nice pair of autumnal wooly mittens or a new scarf.

How do I know the information on FlexEarn is accurate?

Your Indeed Flex account will be linked to your FlexEarn account, with shifts worked, hourly rates, and available pay all up to date.

How is this different to a payday loan?

Use of the Instant Pay is vastly different from using a payday loan service.

Firstly, it’s your own money you’re accessing, which you’ve earned through completing shifts, and it’s a completely voluntary service. There are no interest rates applied on top and you won’t be subject to any credit checks. However, there is a small fee charged by FlexEarn, similar to that which you might get at an ATM, but it’s not something you need to worry about this September, as we’re covering that.

Indeed Flex does not charge a fee. The idea is to give you quicker access to your wages for those times when you might need to cover unanticipated expenses, or perhaps just want to treat someone.