Instant Pay for Employers

Last updated on 29 January 2024

How will this work in line with approving timesheets?

Your approval will still be a vital part of our final payroll process. Instant Pay is only being offered as a % of total expected pay, because we anticipate some minor changes in the total hours a Flexer has worked, after your review. Those differences will be settled during the payroll process at the end of the week.

Will this cause more queries and retrospective amendments than I’m already facing?

Our long-term goal is to enhance our data and processes while delivering Instant Pay, which should, in turn, reduce the burden on you to review and comment on worker queries. We also have support functions, to deal with incoming queries, on both the FlexEarn app and our own app.

Is the location service reliable enough, given the issues we’ve had with people clocking in/out while not at work?

Specific location data won't be a barrier for Instant Pay; the Flexer simply has to have it turned on on their phone. As we roll out this new service, we'll be carefully monitoring usage and potential abuse, and will certainly look to add additional security measures if necessary.

How will this work for agency partners? It could cause conflict in the workplace if not matched for agency workers?

Instant Pay will only be available for Flexers who we process through payroll directly.

Will this impact my repeat worker percentage? If Flexers get paid quickly while on a block booking, won’t they be less likely to turn up for future shifts?

Our belief is the opposite will be true - with workers finding so much value and security in having access to Instant Pay, that they'll be incentivised to work more shifts and that we/you will retain them for a longer period of time. In fact, FlexEarn’s own research shows that Instant Pay schemes drive worker retention by up to 30%. We will, of course, monitor these metrics as we roll out the service, but the aim is to drive more shifts, not fewer.

How can we pay someone when we don’t know how much they are going to earn in a fixed period? Surely they’ll have to be emergency taxed – is this fair to the Flexer?

Instant Pay is not replacing payroll. It’s simply an advance payment, with workers able to withdraw only up to 50% of earnings as a net payment. This payment is then deducted from payroll. This is to ensure tax deductions are accurate.