How do I make my profile stand out?

Last updated on 29 January 2024

Time and availability: We have shifts posted 24/7. If you choose specific times when you’re available (for example, day shifts or early mornings), we’ll send you work that matches those times – that’s the beauty of the app; you choose the schedule that suits you. So, remember to keep your availability up to date. Also remember, the broader your availability, the more roles you’ll be matched with.

Hours: In many ways, this ties into availability. In simple terms, the more hours you can work, the greater your availability to employers. If you want to work the maximum number of hours available, the app gives you the option to opt out of the 48 hour working week.

Pay rate:  Set the pay rate you know to be right for your industry or level of skill. However, if you want to see every shift available in your area, set your pay rate to £10.42 per hour.

Location preferences: Set your preferred location to the area that works for you, to get relevant job offers. In most cases, this will be in/around your home town. However, if, for example, you’re travelling to visit family and friends for a little while, or you’re a student returning to your home town from your university town, update your location. And don’t forget, the wider the radius you set, in terms of the distance you’re willing to travel from home, the more jobs you’ll see.

Skills and experience – your bio: Your professional summary (or ‘bio’) is your one big chance to sell yourself to employees and tell them who you are and why they should hire you. Use clear, simple language and be sure to represent your skills, strengths and experiences.

Work experience – what have you actually done? Employers want to see what you’ve actually done, where you’ve worked, the level of responsibility you held, and how that relates to their role, so it’s a smart move to upload your previous work experience.

To add work experience, go to Profile > Skills & Experiences  > tap the pencil icon in the top right

Above all, be flexible: Make yourself as widely available as possible (provided that fits with your lifestyle) in terms of when and where you’re happy to work, and try out all different roles, giving you a diverse skill set – something which employees value highly and which allows you to access multiple industries/sectors.

Please note: Once you’ve been verified, you won’t be able to change your profile picture, for safety and security reasons. Therefore, if you’d like to change your picture after verification, reach out to us by visiting the support section in the app.