How can I cancel a shift?

Last updated on 29 January 2024

We understand that circumstances change and you may wish to cancel your shift. You can watch this video which shows you how to cancel a shift via the app. Just make sure you cancel with no less than 24 hours remaining until the start of the shifts, to avoid receiving a strike on your account. [embed][/embed] Alternatively, via the app, go to My Jobs > Choose the shift > Cancel Job > Yes cancel the job. Please note:
  • Should you wish to cancel a shift within 24 hours of a shift start, you will be able to do this through the app however please understand that you will incur a strike to your account. If you have received a strike for cancelling at short notice, please contact us by visiting the support section in the app to remove the strike.
  • If you wish to cancel a shift more than 24 hours of the shift commencement, you can do this via the app. Shifts cancelled outside of the 24 hour window will not result in a strike on your profile, only cancellations within 24 hours will.