How can I be verified for more roles?

Last updated on 29 January 2024

To be verified for more roles, simply keep your profile up to date with all of your skills and experience (including any key references from previous employers). Our team of recruiters are always looking out for Flexers with specific work experience and excellent skills to offer our shifts to.

If we find something that suits you and your skills, we’ll contact you and invite you to a virtual, or in-person, session where we can verify and add additional roles to your profile.

What roles can I be verified for?‎

When you’re verified for a role with Indeed Flex, it means that you can access the relevant shifts within your area. Depending on your experience, you can be verified for multiple roles across different industries, which can open up far more opportunities to you.

You can see what roles you are currently verified for by going onto your Profile > Skills and Experiences.

Industries we cover:

  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Facilities Management
  • Healthcare
  • Business Support
    ‏‏‎ ‎

What do I need to do?‎

  1. ‎Update your Indeed Flex app to the latest version.‏
  2. Add previous work experience by going to your Profile, and selecting ‘Skills and Experience’. Click the pencil icon to edit, then scroll down to ‘Experience’ and click ‘Add’.‎ ‎
  3. Enter in all relevant work experience (including references). Add as much detail as you can about your tasks and responsibilities, and also the skills you gained in your previous employment.
  4. Click ‘Save job’.
  5. Our keen team of recruiters will look for you, and contact you when suitable shifts come up in relation to the skills and experiences you’ve listed.
  6. We want to ensure we’re getting in touch with opportunities that are relevant to you, and most importantly, are in your location. So, it’s vital that you also keep your location and contact details up to date.
    In your profile, select ‘Work Preferences’ to amend your current location. To update your contact details, go back to your profile and select “My Settings’, then ‘Account Details’ where you can amend your contact phone number, and home address.
  7. To ensure we can reach you when we do get in touch, switch on your marketing preferences in the app.
    Go to your profile, select ‘My Settings’, then ‘Communication Settings’ where you can customise the type of notifications you want to receive from us. Be sure to scroll down and turn on Marketing emails, calls and texts.


Top Tip: Your bio is also important. It’s the first thing our recruiters (and employers)  see on your profile, so be sure to add in a short summary of your top skills, and let your personality shine.