How am I billed by Indeed Flex?

Last updated on 29 January 2024

Indeed Flex will bill you by a weekly invoice for Flexers. To ensure you are billed correctly, please approve all timesheets by 11:59pm on Tuesday (for the previous Monday to Sunday shifts) to ensure we can invoice you correctly on Thursday. To ensure that we continue to provide smooth operation and service, it's very important that you leave yourself time to amend and approve all timesheets in the app before Tuesday 11:59 pm . We will then invoice you based on these records on Thursday. Regarding amending timesheets, marking someone as a no show, or indicating that someone has been sent home early, please make sure that these amendments are made via the app before Tuesday 11:59pm . All timesheets will be automatically confirmed after this. No amendment of timesheets will be allowed after Tuesday 11:59pm and, furthermore, no amendments of invoice will be allowed . If you encounter any technical issues when confirming timesheets within the app, please inform us by emailing [email protected] before midnight on Tuesday. No other forms of notice will be accepted.