Can I work shifts with Indeed Flex if I have no experience?

Last updated on 29 January 2024

In a word, yes. But only certain roles to begin with, until you build your experience. If our recruitment team believe you have a great attitude and would fit a fast-paced environment, you may be suitable for some entry-level hospitality roles. We also have some entry-level roles in other areas such as Industrial (e.g. Picker Packer) and Retail (Replenishment Assistant and Online Order Assistant) which don’t require much experience. Over a period of time, as you build your experience, you can go for more roles. You can also add this experience to your professional summary, to make you a more attractive proposition to prospective employers. Top tip: Some of your experience in other roles can transfer to new ones as well. For example, working in retail will often support your application in warehouse roles. You may also be able to work some roles under supervision, such as cleaning roles in Facilities Management. Think carefully about what skillsets you’ve picked up and how they may transfer to other roles you’re interested in.