Why Indeed Flex

Reduce Hiring Risk

Stop running the risk of poor hiring and use flexible working to test a candidate’s skills, knowledge and know-how through testing them on a temporary basis.

Lower Recruitment Costs

We make hiring decisions easy, so you can focus on other important components of your business. Find the right candidates without the risk and spiralling costs by reducing your hiring costs by 50%.

Hire the Best

With Flex Permanent, you can evaluate team fit and introduce a pool of candidates to your business before looking to hire the best in class into a permanent position.


Hire the Right Way

The average cost for a new employee in the UK is £3,000, which makes it essential to hire the right candidate. With Flex Permanent you can trial quality workers before you make that vital decision, so you don’t encounter unnecessary costs and loss of productivity through failed hiring.

Fill Positions Faster

On average it takes 48 days to fill a position with 31% quitting in their first six months with our top rated talent pool and on hand team you dramatically reduce your time to hire.

A Process that Works

We’ll work with you tirelessly to understand your requirements and to help identify those workers ready to step into your business permanently. Simply build a pool of workers you trust, grow their potential, and our team can help you select the best fit.

Make it Official

Once your best performers have passed the test with flying colours, you are free to hire them permanently for your business. Our staffing experts will be happy to help evaluate their performance and ensure you can make them a full time fixture for your team.

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The best talent for your business

Increased employee retention

More efficient support

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