We hosted our first in-person employer community event. It was a lovely evening of catching up with familiar faces, networking and sharing industry knowledge.

What is the Indeed Flex Employer Community?

We launched the Indeed Flex Employer community as a means to foster shared learning. It is made up of 3 main components…

All of these combined will help us achieve our aim – to deliver value foresight into the market and help our employer community to become more efficient in their talent strategy.

Our first Employer Community event

The event took place in Holborn, London, with employers from various industries, the Indeed Flex team and some expert guest speakers in attendance.


Topic covered included:

  • Marketplace Dynamics: recruiting in a recovering labour market
  • How Lean Six Sigma best practices can influence talent attraction
  • The Indeed Flex Big HR Survey results
  • How to boost your employer brand to attract key talent 


Here’s the rundown of all our incredible speakers and their presentations.

Marketplace Dynamics: recruiting in a recovering labour market

Indeed Flex’s own James Terry kicked off the evening by exploring the current state of the market. “It’s really hard to hire” he began. “Everyone is going through the same thing. It is very hard to find talent.


Terry explained why it is vital for companies to think outside the box in the current climate. He shared data from Indeed that highlighted the changes in the job market to help employers understand the staffing shortage “We have 28% more jobs than we did and we have the same workers…it’s very important to figure out what are the ways that we can be able to drive those workers to your businesses over all the other litany of companies that are also trying to attract workers.”

How Lean Six Sigma best practices can influence talent attraction

Our first guest speaker was Kiran Kachela from Continuous Improvement Projects Ltd. “77% of adults consider company culture before applying for a job”, Kachela shared. “In today’s world where we have access to an abundance of information online…people are thinking about what’s really important to them.” 


Kachela’s presentation went on to explore how we tackle culture and how we can use culture as a way to attract new talent, with the help of Lean Six Sigma. “Lean is about creating more value for your customers with fewer resources…Six Sigma is a set of data-driven tools and techniques to help drive process improvement…By simplifying your processes you might start to look at what skills you really need for the job”


Next, Kachela covered how to map out a clear vision and some effective tactics for uncovering what is stopping you from achieving it. 

The Indeed Flex Big HR Survey results

Terry returned to the floor to introduce the insights we gained from surveying 400 HR Directors.


The key themes of the survey were:

  • The current challenges they are facing
  • How they are attracting talent
  • Approaches and solutions for 2022


Emphasising the current market challenges Terry said “A lot of the time you’re having to run an understaffed location or you’re potentially in the position where you are bringing on people that maybe don’t have the skillset that you might ideally like. At sight level, there are becoming a lot of inefficiencies.” 


The survey showed which initiatives HR leaders are using to attract talent and what percentage of the 400 asked are using them. “Everyone is doing something, for the most part. They are increasing their benefits, they’re trying to drive engagement, offering flexibility…”


Terry highlighted that raising wages is by no means the only way for a company to attract new talent “It’s a little bit of an easy way out…it’s not just about pay anymore, employees want more than that now.”


Leading by example, Indeed Flex hires workers through offering flexibility, Training and Upskilling and boosting employer brand. Terry finished by encouraging the employers to do the same, made simple with our support.

How to boost your employer brand to attract key talent 

Echoing the theme of the evening, Emma James began with a great analogy of how to be the blue duck and stand out from the crowd. “What all of us have in common is that we are all after that talent…how can we attract the right people to us.”


Emma’s 5 top tips for building an employer brand were:

  • Know your audience
  • Overcome your challenges
  • Show what makes you unique
  • Build your reputation
  • Nurture your champions


“Personalise recruitment campaigns and personalise communications around the type of people you’re after with what appeals specifically to them” Emma shared some incredible techniques for building a work environment that candidates would want to be a part of.


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