Five tips for self-care during a busy work period 

While we love connecting jobseekers with exciting new opportunities over this period, we can’t stress enough the importance of physical and mental...

Indeed Flex

4 October 2022

3 min read

While we love connecting jobseekers with exciting new opportunities over this period, we can’t stress enough the importance of physical and mental wellbeing. Here are five tips for self-care while managing a busy work schedule.

  1. Plan your day ahead of time

When you’re in a rush, concentration and quality of work may be affected. This can be avoided  by preparing for the day in advance. Double check the uniform, ID, and other work requirements before the shift starts, so you don’t have to waste time looking for them while you’re getting ready for work. Figure out the best way to get to your work location and set aside extra time for heavy traffic or potential train strikes that may cause delays in your trip. As a rule of thumb, we suggest getting to work 15 minutes in advance, giving you enough time to familiarise yourself with the site or venue before starting your shift.

  1. Get enough sleep 

The average person needs around seven hours of quality sleep each night. Proper sleep allows your brain to recharge and repair itself after a hard day’s work, helping you to keep your concentration, agility, and alertness the next day. If you struggle with falling and staying asleep, try going to sleep at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning; avoiding caffeine after 3pm and steering clear of bright screens after 9pm.

  1. Take advantage of Flexer benefits 

Did you know that, as a long-term Flexer, you can get free access to all kinds of exclusive benefits to support your wellbeing, free of charge, such as:

  • Health – Stay healthy, with access to a digital GP, financial support services and mental health support, whenever you need it.
  • Protections – Insurance protections for when you need it most, covering compassionate leave, sick and injury leave, family leave and more.
  • Savings – Take advantage of big savings on everything from supermarket essentials to weekend treats, with discounts across a range of technology outlets, restaurants, online clothing stores and so much more.

To read the full offering, from our partner, Collective, the terms and conditions, and how you can qualify, please follow this link.

  1. Take short breaks at work

Breaks can last from a few seconds to a minute or two, depending on how much time you can squeeze in without affecting your current tasks. It can also be as simple as taking a few deep breaths, stretching your arms for a bit, or brewing yourself a cup of tea.

  1. Keep yourself healthy and physically fit 

During this busy season, you’ll find yourself on your toes as you try to keep up with the demands of the business. Prepare your body for the strenuous days ahead by keeping yourself healthy and physically fit. This means eating balanced, nutritious meals at the same time each day. And remember, good food doesn’t have to be expensive.