Working at Their Own Tempo – 40% of Temps Juggle Three or More Jobs to Fit Work Around Life

23rd February 2022

  • Two-fifths of temporary staff are working for at least three employers each month, according to a new survey of nearly 4,000 temps
  • Having the flexibility to fit their work schedule around their lifestyle is a decisive factor temps consider when choosing where they work
  • More than half (55%) of temps work 16 or more hours a week, according to new research by Indeed Flex

London, 23rd February 2022 – Two-fifths (40%) of temporary staff are working for at least three employers in a standard month, as they prioritise having the flexibility to fit work around their schedule, according to new research by Indeed Flex, the online marketplace for flexible workers.

Indeed Flex’s survey of nearly 4,000 temporary workers found that having the flexibility to schedule work around their personal commitments was a critical factor temps take into account when choosing where to work – alongside both the pay rate and job’s location.

The number of temporary workers using the Flex platform has risen by 104% compared to this time last year, in part due to the re-opening of the economy, while many have also been drawn by the freedom to choose – both their working hours and the days they work – that temping offers.

Nearly two-fifths (38%) of those surveyed said fitting work around their schedule and life demands, such as education, childcare, hobbies or their own business, was the aspect they enjoyed most about flexible work. Another fifth (18%) said learning new skills was their favourite aspect of temporary work, and 16% said they most relished the chance to work with a lot of different people.

13% of workers said variety – in the form of being able to work in different roles – was what they enjoyed most, while 8% said it was being able to supplement their income.

In a standard month, two-fifths (40%) of temps work for at least three employers, with just over third (34%) working for two.

More than half (55%) of temporary workers work 16 hours or more a week, with a third (34%) working 16-20 hours.

Temporary workers are highly attentive at work, with 80% saying they are always or often engaged by what they do.

Novo Constare, COO and Co-founder of Indeed Flex, said:

“The pandemic has transformed both the jobs market and what many of us want from work.

“With a record number of vacancies, jobseekers are spoilt for choice – but for many, achieving a better work-life balance has become a top priority. For them, temporary work allows them to fit work around their lifestyle, rather than forcing them to fit their life around work.

“That’s why two out of every five flexible workers we spoke to are working for three or more employers each month – picking and choosing the days and hours that work best for them, and enabling them to fit work around the things that matter most, whether that’s setting up their own business, education, hobbies or childcare.

“Meanwhile, in such a tight labour market, many employers have made temporary workers a key part of their growth strategy. Having access to a pool of skilled temps gives employers instant flexibility, cuts the number of missed shifts and gives them the freedom to dial worker numbers up or down to match customer demand.”