Water Slide Hustle: Three in Five Britons Planning On a Summer Job to Top Up Income

London, 29 June 2023

  • Three in five workers are considering getting a summer job this season, according to new research by Indeed Flex
  • More than half of those planning to take a summer job will do so to top up their income as the cost of living crisis squeezes household budgets
  • Nearly one in three Brits are aiming for shifts in the hospitality sector, while a tenth would prefer temporary work in a warehouse
  • Summer jobs were once regarded as the preserve of students and young people, but a quarter of those looking for seasonal work are now aged between 35 and 44

London, 29 June 2023 – Three in five (59%) UK workers are considering picking up some seasonal shifts this summer as household budgets remain stretched, new research by Indeed Flex, the online staffing platform for temporary work, reveals.

With core inflation at its highest level in more than three decades2, the soaring cost of living is squeezing households across the UK and prompting millions to consider temporary work as a way to make some extra cash. 

Employers offering temporary work this summer are set to see a surge in applications, as a quarter of Indeed Flex’s survey respondents (29%) said they are considering picking up shifts, and 15% are already proactively looking. Another 15% of workers intend to start searching soon.

The main reason that more than half (54%) of those seeking a summer job are doing so is to top up their income, as stubbornly high inflation and rocketing prices leave many worrying about their finances. Meanwhile a third (30%) are looking to earn some extra cash to help pay for a much-needed holiday.
The retail sector is the most sought-after for seasonal job hunters, with a third (33%) searching for this type of role. This is followed closely by hospitality, with 30% happy to pull pints or wait on tables this summer, with a tenth (10%) of those seeking temp work looking for warehouse roles.

But there could be fewer opportunities this year for young people and students – the demographic most typically associated with summer jobs – as a quarter of those keen to do seasonal work are now aged between 35 and 45 years old. 

The rising cost of energy, food and mortgage repayments could explain why more mature workers are looking for seasonal work. Out of the 54% of survey respondents who said they need to top up their income because of the cost of living crisis, a fifth (20%) already have full-time employment and choose to do flexible work alongside their current job.

For those looking for temporary work this summer, but don’t know where to start, Indeed Flex is a one-stop-shop where employees can find and book shifts in a range of roles and sectors. Its flexibility allows them to earn money when and where they need to, and work as little or as often as they like during the holidays. 

Novo Constare, CEO and Co-founder of Indeed Flex, said: “This summer many workers will be using some of their spare time to bring in some extra cash. 

“The cost of living crisis means that millions of people – even those who already have a full-time job – are seeing their finances squeezed. That’s why so many are looking at ways to top up their income through additional employment; for them a summer job offers an instant way to earn some extra cash, whether to pay the bills or to treat themselves to a holiday.

“This shift will come as welcome news for employers, many of whom have been battling a labour shortage since the pandemic, as it could help them fill shifts during what is typically a busy period.

“Temp workers like those at Indeed Flex offer greater flexibility and enable businesses to take seasonal surges in demand in their stride. Meanwhile, for the workers themselves, temping gives them the freedom to pick up shifts whenever and wherever they like, and the ability to quickly top up their bank account whenever they feel the need.”

Notes to Editors

  1. Indeed Flex surveyed 2,000 respondents between June 6, 2023 and June 13, 2023
  2. ONS, UK Consumer Price Inflation, May 2023

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