Do I get any perks or benefits with Indeed Flex?

Last updated on 29 January 2024

How do I qualify for the Flexer Benefits? You will qualify after working 20 total shifts, including 10 in the last calendar month, plus 10 shifts per calendar month from then on to keep them. What happens if I don’t do 10 shifts in a month? Then, unfortunately, you won’t have access to the benefits in the month that follows, but if you do 10 shifts the next month, your benefits will be reactivated. Why does Indeed Flex offer these benefits? We believe that our Flexers work just as hard as anyone else, whether temp or perm, and deserve to be rewarded for that, and protected if things go wrong (sickness, injury, and so on). We want to help you manage work around your lifestyle and get that all-essential help when you need it. Is there any charge for using them? No. All benefits are offered free of charge and there is no tax to pay on them either. Who are Onsi? ONSI is the UK’s leading benefits, rewards, and insurance provider for platforms such as Indeed Flex. They’re on a mission to create a world of work where everyone wins. We agree with that sentiment, so we’re only too happy to have them provide you with top benefits. I’ve reached the required number of shifts – how do I access my benefits? You’ll receive an email at the start of the first calendar month after you qualify, from ONSI, welcoming you and inviting you to register with them. To access their platform, you’ll need to register on their website, but, after that point, we recommend you download the ONSI app for access to all benefits on the go. Which brands are included in the shopping discounts? Brands covered include Currys, Samsung, Shell, Asda, Iceland, Sainsbury’s, M & S, Morrisons, Halfords Under Armour, Decathlon, Argos, John Lewis, H & M, ASOS, New Look, Primark, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Just Eat, Deliveroo, Pizza Hut, Costa, B & Q, Airbnb, Virgin experience days, Odeon, Vue, Cineworld, Ticketmaster, Spotify. We reserve the right to change the selection of discount providers available on the scheme. Is there anything that would stop me from getting my benefits? Yes. If you get more than one strike in a month, or a ban, that would stop you from accessing your benefits.