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Dedicated Account Director

Reduced administration

A performance focus on agency usage

Access to a diverse workforce

Site level access

Analytical and Strategic Dashboards

Trusted partners and advisors

Quality fulfilment

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Indeed Flex+ helps us to manage staff and keep costs under control. We've reduced our usage of external staff and it's been great to see the same people coming back to support us!


Greater control and visibility

Indeed Flex+ facilitates the management of your vendors to make your business more lucrative and effective. Our range of functionalities and advanced software enables you to find business opportunities and make the tweaks that can be a real difference.

Plug in to the Indeed Flex Marketplace

Find staff when you need them most. With 44,000 flexers on our platform, we give businesses direct access to experienced and motivated candidates on demand, dramatically reducing time to hire and shift vacancies.

A tailored solution

With our team of experienced staffing experts and trusted advisers, we partner with our clients to create a tailored end-to-end experience with complete account management, supporting you every step of the way.

Access incredible insight

Give your business complete visibility through managing multiple vendors on one succinct VMS, across all sectors and geographies.

Analytics that make a difference

Automate processes and leverage our award-winning technology to look deeper into spend, fulfilment with a full range of analytics and functionalities which can move your business forward.

Collaboration that counts

Optimise your vendor performance and make them work in harmony to achieve a common purpose and to realise your strategic goals.

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