New Worker FAQ’s 


Why can I not see any shifts?

There may be a few different reasons why you may not be able to see shifts on your app. The most common reasons are as follows:

  • Expired Right To Work documents 
  • Visa working limit restrictions
  • Your minimum pay rate may be set too high
  • The availability you’ve set
  • Hours you have completed in one week (must not exceed 60 hours)
  • Hours since your last completed shift / Hours until your next booked shift (needs to be 11 hours between bookings)



How do I book onto my first shift?


  • After you apply for a job, you would need to receive an offer from the client. Once you receive a job offer, you will be able to see this in the offered section of your app. From here, you would be able to claim the shift, and if successful, you will be booked on the shift. If this is the case, the shift will also move over to the ‘booked’ tab. 
  • Unfortunately, if you do not receive a job offer, you wouldn’t be able to get booked for the job. 
  • You can apply to as many shifts as you like to maximise the chances of getting an offer.
  • Further information, including a quick video tutorial, can be found here:



What happens after I apply for my first shift?


  • Once you have applied for your first shift, you will need to wait for the Employer to select which Flexers they would like to hire for that shift. Should you be selected, you will be booked onto the shift, and the shift will move from the ‘Applied’ section to the ‘Booked’ section of the ‘My Jobs’ screen within the app.
  • If you are not selected to work this shift, you will need to apply for further shifts. We recommend applying for multiple shifts on a given day to increase your chances of being selected to work.


Can I book more than one shift at a time?


  • You can only ‘Book’ one shift at a time. However, you can ‘Apply’ for multiple shifts on the same day to increase your chances of being accepted onto a shift.



My first shift was cancelled; why?


  • There may be a few different reasons as to why a booked shift may be cancelled. The client may have reduced the number of workers required for the shift, or the needs of the business may have changed, meaning that the shift is no longer required.
  • Also, if you fail to confirm your attendance to a booked shift, then this may lead to you being automatically removed.
  • Clients are not required to provide a specific reason for cancellation of a shift if this is done more than 24 hours to the start time, just as you are not required to provide a reason for cancellation when cancelling in the same time frame.


How can I be verified for a new role?


  • In order to be verified for further roles, please ensure that you have completed your profile in full. Once completed, within your Indeed Flex profile, click ‘Skills & Experience’ then ‘Verify Role.’
  • This will then take you to our website, where you will be able to book an interview. Once you are successful at the interview stage, you will then be asked to provide your right to work documents; we would not need your documents before this stage.
  • You can book an interview by clicking the ‘Verify Role’ button on the app. Alternatively, please use the link below:

  • If there are no interview sessions available or vacancies in your area, please Click Here to join the waiting list, and the onboarding team will be in touch as soon as places become available.

I haven’t been verified for all the roles I requested. What should I do?


  • If you initially requested to be verified for roles that have not been approved, this will generally be down to your previous experience within the role that you are applying for. It does not mean that you will not be able to be verified for the role in question at a later date. However, the onboarding team will need to see proof that you have worked within a similar environment/industry previously.
    If you wish to apply for additional roles to expand the opportunities on offer to you, then please update your experience in relation to the roles you are applying for, and follow this link to book on to a cross-verification interview.



Can I get PPE equipment?


  • We can reimburse our Flexers if they need to buy High Vis’ Jackets and Safety Boots. Please contact us via email at to enquire about PPE requirements.


My friend can see lots of roles/shifts, but I can’t; why?

There may be a few different reasons as to why you may not be able to see the same shifts as another Flexer. The most common reasons are as follows:

  • Differing minimum pay rates
  • Whether a Flexer is within an Employers Preferred Network
  • Relevant Skills & Experience
  • Location settings
  • Any extra accreditation for roles, such as DBS, or site-specific accreditation


Will you pay for travel expenses?


  • IndeedFlex does not pay for travel expenses unless this is stated in the Job Description.

When will I get paid?


  • You will be paid weekly on Friday by 6PM.
  • Working weeks are from Monday to Sunday.

For example:

Week 1: Attend your shifts. 

Week 2: The clients will approve your Timesheets by midnight on Tuesday. On Wednesday, you can then check the approved hours on your profile and send in any relevant queries via the app. 

You’ll receive your payslip and wages by 6PM on Friday.