Your personal description is your opportunity to tell employers a little more and really sell yourself 💜

What’s your personality like? Are you a sensational multi-tasker or a natural-born leader? Shout it from the rooftops! If you have a particular skill you really want employers to notice, pop it into your description. Check out the examples below of a bad personal description and a good personal description.

❌Bad personal description: “Hard-working and from London.”

What’s wrong with this description? If you’re a hard-working individual, that’s fantastic! Unfortunately, ‘hard-working’ isn’t going to make you shine out of the crowd – that’s the least employers expect of you! Secondly, there isn’t a need to add your location into your description. Employers know you are local, or you wouldn’t have access to their shifts, so save the space for something a bit more eye-catching!

✅Good personal description: “I am a passionate mixologist with over 5 years experience working in many different venues and mixing many different drinks. I enjoy reading & walking my dog.”

Isn’t that better? This Flexer has outlined their key skill and touched on relevant experience, whilst also giving a fun bit of background information about what they do in their spare time. 10/10!