You must work at least 3 shifts through Syft to begin receiving Portify benefits, you will get an email invitation from Portify when you are enrolled. Portify is a benefits provider partner. We ask Portify to send out the invitation at the beginning of every month.

We have the following perk tiers:
3-11 shifts = Bronze Tier
12-49 shifts = Silver Tier
50+ shifts = Gold Tier
Along with the fantastic perks on offer at Bronze and Silver. Once you reach 50+ shifts and qualify for the Gold Tier there is a whole host of wonderful goodies at your fingertips. With fantastic discounts at a range of high street stores like Argos, Marks & Spencer’s, Tesco’s and John Lewis. Discounts on your trip to watch the next blockbuster film at Vue or Odeon. If you’re wanting to keep fit, Portify has you covered, with amazing discounts on Gym memberships. As well as free monthly coffee, Portify has a whole heap of brilliant perks waiting to be unlocked.
Once you completed the required number of shifts, we’ll upgrade you to the higher tiers at the beginning of each month and notify you via email.
Your perks will remain with you, however, if you are not actively working with Syft for 3 months, your Portify membership will be deactivated. Fear not though, once you come back to work a shift with Syft, your account will be reactivated, allowing you access to all the delightful perks once again.