Flex Insights: How the cost of living crisis is affecting employers this peak season Webinar

The cost of living crisis is rapidly impacting the labour market. How can employers adapt to the changes whilst planning for what is set to be the busiest peak season yet?


Raising wages isn’t the only lever for businesses to pull in a candidate-driven market. It’s time to optimise your workforce management strategy through data-driven decisions that are sustainable.

Join our next webinar to be the first to access Indeed Flex platform data on navigating worker attraction, retention and engagement. We’ll be sharing exclusive insights from our partners at Indeed to lead you to success this peak season.

We’ll explore:

  • The cost of living crisis and its impact on the labour market
  • We surveyed 2000 people to find out what they really think
  • How to attract, retain and engage talent this peak season
  • Actionable tips on how to improve fulfilment