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Streamlined reporting and invoicing process

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Multiple agencies are often required to meet all your needs and ensure fulfilment. The Indeed Flex+ Managed Agency service allows you to benefit from nationwide coverage and expertise without the requirement to spend hours managing multiple relationships.

You have a single point of contact for everything staff-related, to maximise efficiency. The Indeed Flex team is dedicated to onboarding agencies that match your needs and manage the relationships for you.

Invoicing & reporting made easy

Struggling to keep up with who’s been paid? Make managing multiple sites and agencies easy, consolidating all invoicing in one place whilst acting as a centralised platform to manage all agency bookings. Easily extract financial data for each venue, helping you to understand usage in granular detail.

Save time on reporting and follow usage, trends and performance. With a few clicks of a button, you can identify any gaps and can even work towards reducing agency dependency through useful insights the feature provides.

Complete agency management platform

We provide a complete process for you and all your agencies. Your agencies are guided through meticulous onboarding to integrate them into the Indeed Flex+ ecosystem. We create agency profiles to offer you complete visibility.

Through comprehensive training, operational support and on-hand relationship management we help your agencies integrate into Indeed Flex+ without a hiccup. We take on accountability to ensure you are satisfied.

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