We’ve made a lot of progress over the last few years. We’ve expanded across the country, onboarded tens of thousands of Syfters to our platform, won thousands of clients, earned several awards and launched a new platform, SyftForce. June of this year saw us reach another huge milestone as we joined forces with Indeed.com, the world’s #1 jobsite, dramatically expanding our capabilities.

To celebrate this, we knew that our long-term Syfters deserved to be rewarded for their hard work. Over the years, these are the people who have consistently delivered the level of quality our clients expect, and have distinguished us as the market leader. As a show of thanks, we’re rewarding over £100,000 in cash bonuses to Syfters that have successfully completed at least 100 shifts by 30th June 2019. The initial 100 shifts equates to £100, and each additional shift from 100 will be rewarded by the standard rate, £1, with no upper limit. Only verified workers are eligible for this bonus, banned workers are ineligible. Each eligible shift will be paid through PAYE.

Driving up standards and recognising effort remains central to our platform. Our workers are able to access decent wages, hundreds of Syft Perks, control and choice over job scheduling, and much more. Consequentially, our Syfters are reliable and motivated to work hard on every occasion, while they remain cost-effective due to our removal of the inefficiencies which were so prevalent in flexible staffing.

In partnership with Indeed.com, we will continue to refine and expand the Syft experience for Syfters and employers, including app improvements, our variety of locations, availability of shifts and sectors, and Syfter and client support.

Get ready to experience the benefits of the future of work.

Note: This article was originally published on 10th July 2019