We’re over the moon to announce that we’ve expanded to the Welsh capital. This represents the sixth opening for us, with Cardiff joining London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham as a base of first-class flexible staffing.

Cardiff is an area which holds a special importance to us and our mission to improve conditions for employers and jobseekers. Prior to our 2015 launch, Co-Founder and CEO Jack Beaman pursued a political science course at Cardiff University. During his studies, Beaman extensively undertook temporary work; he discovered a sector with low wages and limited opportunities for workers, plus high fees and a lack of control and choice for businesses.

Jack’s experiences directly inspired him to build a fair, open and transparent flexible staffing solution; several years later, he’s brought that solution to Cardiff and is excited to see the changes it’ll bring about. The city boasts a thriving hospitality and events scene which will benefit from high-quality, reliable staff. Thousands upon thousands of jobseekers – such as those in the local student population – will discover above-average wages and control over their work scheduling.