Cleaning home table sanitizing kitchen table surface with disinfectant spray bottle washing surfaces with towel and gloves. COVID-19 prevention sanitizing inside

The cleaning industry has seen a massive change in the last couple of months with new standards introduced to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 and controlling the current pandemic. Therefore it is not uncommon for those within the facilities management and cleaning sector to look towards innovative solutions to help facilitate these new demands. As we approach the peak season, it is now more important than ever to find new ways to alleviate any potential problems that may arise and maximise on the busiest time of the year. 

These new standards have meant that the cleaning industry has had to transform into operating in different areas to accommodate the increase in demand for their services. According to the study by MTW, the industry has seen rapid changes in market demand due to COVID-19 and is set to see £15B of growth by 2024. 

From sustainable products to recruitment, staying ahead of the curve is integral to benefiting from the upcoming peak season. Whether you own a cleaning agency, facilities management service or even run a care home – the need for innovation is of high importance. 

Green Cleaning

As with most other sectors, there has been a continued shift towards greater social responsibility and sustainability initiatives to cater to the demands of customers. This may involve using less paper, reducing the reliance on plastic and eliminating harmful chemicals from cleaning products. With the improved economics of going green, more and more companies within the cleaning industry have begun transitioning into a more sustainable and environmentally focused business model, whilst maintaining healthy profitability. 

By moving to a greener businesses model, businesses can attract more customers whilst at the same time promoting important environmental issues. Products such as the Universal Cleaner by Koh, which is eco-certified by Good Environment Choice Australia (GECA) can help your business promote itself as an environmentally conscious business. 

Waste Management

It has become apparent that the cleaning industry, like most, has had issues regarding waste and the need to improve the way waste is disposed of. It is estimated that the industry in the USA produces over 40,000 garbage trucks of waste annually. Whilst in the UK around 57M tonnes of rubbish is put into the ground each year. Policies that can be implemented include consistently recycling, avoiding plastic where possible and reducing water usage. These measures can be applied fairly quickly and seamlessly and can have a significant return on investment. 

Therefore, as we approach the busiest trading period of the year, which accounts for a large portion of waste, there will be much more pressure on businesses to adhere to the new standards that have been set by consumers. 


With the peak season almost upon us, the need to keep premises immaculately clean will soon become an important challenge especially this year with the on-going pandemic. Due to the nature of some businesses, with the changes in staff and the influx of customers, the constant need for creating a safe environment may provide many pitfalls in the coming months. In order to help with the increase in demand and stricter procedures, businesses will no doubt be looking to hire more flexible staff to help with the cleaning process.

Here at Syft, we offer commercial cleaning services that can allow you and your business to recruit temporary cleaning staff within minutes to help keep your premises safe and clean during the peak season.