Temporary staffing often comes with myths surrounding its reliability. Regardless, it has been a growing trend since the 1970s and while there are gaps in the market, technology is now providing ways that temporary staffing is improving. As put by Emeritus Professor at Georgetown University Stanley Nollen, the provision of temporary staff by agencies has metamorphosed from simply meeting the ad hoc needs of employers from small numbers of often seasonal employers, to a form of working that has become integral to business strategy across a wide range of client sectors. 

However, the agent acting as a third party is often seen as an inconvenience and has been argued to not be the best timely-response to the changing digital culture of today. Technology is and will continue to be a force driving change and this is revolutionising the ways temporary staffing operates. 

As part of the evolving landscape, some key factors that temporary staff are addressing include removing the agency as a third party to make the staff more reachable, making the process of hiring quick, and strengthening trust in the temporary staffing solution to become even more so, an integral part of business strategies, rather than only a quick-fix for an unexpected no-show. 

The Apps Comparison- Get staffed in ONE click

Temp-staffing systems such as Syft, Coople, and Off To Work are all providing mobile and desktop applications for business to make operational decisions. While the apps crossover in many similar ways, there will be multiple factors to consider before making the apps part of your business strategy– whether be in peak season such as Christmas or in general operations. 

Starting with the immediate reservation, the third parties are removed. With Syft in particular, the internal onboarding teams based across the country function as verifiers making sure that the workers meet requirements such as having the rights to work, well-briefed, and most of allqualified to standards that you require. Coople has a similar ‘verification’ process, which takes up to 30 minutes. Syft has a longer onboarding process which takes up to 2 hours for a thorough verification and occasionally provides training too where needed. Off To Work provides a more traditional approach, while it does have a verification process, it is less clear how long the process will take and dependant on availability. 

Below is a quick comparison: 

Industry Expertise Hospitality, industrial, facilities management Events, hospitality, Offices Hospitality, Security, housekeeping
App ratings  4.8  4.6 4.1
Recruitment type Temporary Temporary Temporary, 



Payroll management Yes Yes Yes
Hourly rate (min) £9.20 £8.78 £7.51


The immediate difference between apps is the sectors. Coople offers office staffing, which is not a focal sector for Syft or Off To Work. Similarly, Off To Work offers security services, which is not a dominating sector for Syft or Coople. While all three services offer tremendous effort into hospitality, Syft, in particular, leans towards a stronger industrial niche providing verified delivery drivers, food production operatives, forklift divers, picker/packer, warehouse operative and other industrial-focused roles.

A quick look at the functionalities of the apps, Syft and Coople both operate in similar ways. Both bring in similar functionality for the staff in steps; sign up and uploading relevant information, in-house verification process, booking and accepting the shift. The App ratings on iTunes come in highest for Syft at 4.8 stars, Coople at 4.6 stars, and Off To Work at 4.1. 

Syft and Coople both focus on temporary staffing– specialising in flexibility. Off To Work recruits for temporary, permanent, and consultancy. However, all three platforms manage payrolls, making it convenient and straightforward for the employer to carry out finances. 

A very important morale driver of the staff is the hourly rates. Syft comes in providing the highest minimum wage at £9.20 including holiday pay. Syft provides 18% more pay than Off To Work and 5% more than Coople in comparison of reported minimum wages. This, while in pound-per-pound does not present itself as a shocking numeric comparison, the hours add up to significant difference towards the end. The pay is of importance to Syft and an important factor for businesses to start building report with Syfters, encouraging a high return rate. 

Your time is your irreplaceable commodity- Book your Syfters for peak season early!

Did you know?

  • It takes on average 2 minutes to create a shift on Syft
  • 98% of our Syfters are rated at 4 stars and above 
  • Our Syfters average worker rating is at 4.6/ 5
  • We have a 99% repeat users
  • You can post jobs 24/7
  • You’ll continuously be receiving 7-day support customer success team 

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