We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Deliveroo, to provide staff for the takeaway delivery service’s Restaurant Perks programme. It represents further progress for Syft, after we completed our first corporate acquisition earlier this month.

Deliveroo’s Restaurant Perks is a new website where restaurants can access a range of time, money and hassle-saving deals. The scheme has a broad scope, including savings on energy bills, WiFi, business rates and training courses, and is accessible to businesses of varying sizes. Venues that are particularly set to benefit from the programme are SMEs, which have in recent years been hit by challenging operating conditions, such as rising food and rent costs.

Staffing can be a significant challenge for venues of any size, with problems including inefficient recruitment processes, high costs, and shift no-shows. Through Restaurant Perks, venues will be able to access Syft’s thousands of high-quality flexible workers based across London, the Midlands and the North at a discount. For venues that exclusively use Syft through Deliveroo’s scheme, the deal is:

  • Six weeks with no commission
  • No upfront cost
  • 33.3% off later commissions

Venues that non-exclusively utilise Syft’s service receive:

  • Three weeks with no commission
  • No upfront cost
  • 16.7% off later commissions

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