For the hospitality and events sectors, the festive period is one of the busiest times of the year. This is great for business, but it is incredibly demanding on workers and can unfortunately deprive them of the chance to enjoy their own seasonal festivities. To tackle this, the Smart Group has set out to celebrate the hard workers in hospitality, events and catering – plus raise money for charity – with Hospitality Rocks.

Sponsored by Syft since its first edition in 2017, Hospitality Rocks is a post-Christmas party held at Battersea Evolution. Following on from last year’s ‘Carnivale’ theme, this year’s attendees were treated to an Alpine wonderland; think Christmas crackers, wooden lodges, ski lifts and ice sculptures. Attendees enjoyed chatting and taking in the scenery before it was time to sit down, take in the presentation and dine.

When it came to cuisine, the first course was blackened salmon fillet with salad, then corn-fed chicken plus all the trimmings, and finally a salted caramel and milk chocolate ganache. Throughout the meal, dancers, acrobats and contortionists performed elaborate, spellbinding routines; there wasn’t a dull moment.


As a proud sponsor, Syft supplied Hospitality Rocks with workers and also hosted the Syft On The Rocks bar. Patrons were able to sip a Syftini – a lychee berry bellini – or enjoy a Syftopolitain, a lime, pomegranate and gin concoction. A vast portion of our team was able to attend and hugely enjoyed the opportunity to socialise outside of work. In addition, we invited along friends and clients of Syft, such as Create, Rhubarb, Amadeus, Oxford & Cambridge Club and Tate Entertaining.

Aside from giving workers a fantastic evening out, Hospitality Rocks managed to raise £14,500 for a couple of important charities we support, Hospitality Action and The Springboard Charity. The former organisation aids ex-and-current hospitality workers in need, affected by circumstances like ill health or poverty; they offer solutions such as grants, support and education. Having raised recording breaking donations in the previous couple of years, Hospitality Action celebrated its 180 anniversary in 2017.

The other group to benefit from Hospitality Rocks, The Springboard Charity, encourages young people, the unemployed and others to fulfil their career potential in fields like hospitality, leisure and tourism. They work extensively in schools, offering careers advice, training and work experience, as well as certified vocational courses and mentorship. We hope both organisations the best for the year ahead.

While the next edition is awhile away yet, here’s some fun moments from Hospitality Rocks 2018…