Christmas! ‘Tis the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, and the genial fire of charity in the heart.’ – Washington Irving

…But now is the time to begin preparing!iStock-540844202.jpgBelieve it or not, offices are already making their bookings for Christmas dinners and festive party venues. While it might seem still quite early with the summer season only just having come to an end, it is in fact really never too soon! ‘Christmas’ is already one of the top searches online, from the first week of September. Many companies including Discover Global, swear by a ‘Christmas in July’. Making preparations as early as six months in advance makes sure that things run smoothly over the busy period. According to Visa’s 2015 Consumer Spending Index, spending goes up 8.1% in December, you want to be ready for the bookings and reservations that come your way.

More bookings and spending on food and drink sees the hospitality sector with revenue increase of almost 6% more than any other sector during the festive season. Why not ensure that you’re making the most of your business opportunities? The hospitality sector is already seeing a rise in UK diners. The seasonal period always sees an increase in spending. Don’t forget it’s not just Christmas, but pre-holiday celebrations, Boxing Day and New Year’s… a lot to celebrate!

It’s important to make sure you have your menus and promotions out as soon as possible. Now is the window-shopping phase of party planning, so be sure to attract with the most alluring drinks, dishes and deals. Once you’ve made your displays, it’s time to put on a good show, and make a great impression.iStock-519555835.jpgThe main way to make sure you’re ready is to ensure that you are well staffed. A lack of staff is one of the main reasons for bad reviews and chaos over the Christmas period. Not only will you be dealing with more clients but an influx of large party groups. A well-prepared bar or restaurant is one with fortified and competent staff. Using temporary staff during this season is a great way to ensure a smoothly running season.

Temp staff are often very flexible and will be able to fill in for any additional jobs that need filling when things get busy – extra waiting or bar staff is often a necessity! Employing temporary staff through Syft also gives you the great advantage of being able to select people based on your own evaluation and/or preferences and for the short employment period, cost-effectively. Using Syft you can hire the best-trained staff immediately, based on their skills and experience, with a pool of specialised hospitality roles to suit your needs.

Advertising your shifts on Syft as early as possible is the best way to attract the most enthusiastic workers. There are plenty of students who will be keen to make the most of their holidays earning some money and gaining experience. But your competitors will all be looking for the best staff too! It also means you avoid high hourly pay fees of hiring staff due to short notice. Avoiding potential chaos is always best policy for running your business smoothly. With bigger and better staffing, we wish you a merry Christmas season well in advance!