As Syft becomes Indeed Flex, we wanted to take the opportunity to share some answers to your important questions…

How will the rebrand affect my current access to the platform?

There’s no action required here, access to the platform will remain exactly the same.

Will I have to re-download the app?

No. The mobile app will be updated in the background. You will just notice the icon change on your phone.

What will change?

At an operational level, everything will remain the same. All you will notice is the new Indeed Flex logo, different branding across the platform and an updated colour scheme.

What about my bookmarked links?

The domain will be switched and so all bookmarked links will be redirected to the new client login.

Are the workers changing?

No, our network of trusted workers remains the same. Our hiring process is also the same and we will continue to only select the highest quality workers for your businesses.

Our workers are getting in on the rebrand action too and instead of being called Syfters, they will now become Flexers.

Will I have the same account manager?

Yes, this stays exactly the same and they’ll be in touch to ensure you’re well informed about the rebrand.

When will the change take place?

After 31st March, Syft will become Indeed Flex.

Will the fees change?

No, all fees will stay the same. We’re still the same company dedicated to transparency regarding all fees.

Is the internal team changing?

No, it’s still the same contacts you had at Syft.

Has the product changed and does it have new features?

The product remains the same with the same intelligent features as before – just new with the lovely new branding.

What are the new invoicing details?

No invoicing details have changed, apart from our trading name, which is now: Syft online limited trading as Indeed Flex