You spoke, we listened. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Flow to provide our Flexer Community online hospitality courses and certificates that will enable you to professionally and personally develop.

Flow has been designed to inspire learning through a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and engaging online modules. The Flow courses are perfect for those Flexers working in the Hospitality industry and guess what – all Syfters gain access to these modules and certificates for FREE! 

Flow is an industry leader in developing courses that are specialised and tailored to hospitality professionals, as well as offering courses designed to develop your understanding and knowledge of the industry, they also offer accredited courses such as Food Safety Level 2 and Health and Safety level 2. Not bad ey? 

Are you an aspiring bartender or are you looking to learn about cocktails? There is a bartending course for you. If you are starting out in the industry there is a range of courses to support your knowledge such as ‘Bar Setup’, ‘Customer Service’ and ‘Service That Sells’.  Are you a seasoned hospitality worker looking to develop your career to the next level? There is something for you too. There are also plenty of leadership and management courses available. The list goes on. Very impressive we think!

We understand this is a difficult time at the moment, but we’d like to support you in turning this into an opportunity and would love for you to explore your interests, freshen up your current skills and more importantly learn something new. Flow will give you the perfect opportunity to upskill and understand your industry better.  

So what now?

You will receive an email from Flow with log-in details where you will be able to see the range of courses available, feel free to explore the courses, each one has a summary of what the course entails at the start. All courses are available online and you may complete as many or as few as you wish. 

The courses are for your own personal development and they will not directly verify you for additional roles with Indeed Flex.

This offer will last for 1 month only, so please take advantage of the courses while you have the chance. We would love to hear how you are finding the courses and which ones you are completing so feel free to share with us through the Facebook Community 

We want to say a big thank you to all the Flexers who submitted their responses through the Upskilling survey, we built this partnership for you, so enjoy!

Let us know if you have any questions,

Team Community