Gina, our Onboarding Manager, started as a Syfter in March 2016, working for a variety of our clients before joining us full-time in the office this year, interviewing and training the future Syfters. Keep reading to find out more about Gina and her role at Syft in this post.

Hi Gina, firstly where are you from and how long have you been in London?
I am from the Dominican Republic, and moved to London 11 years ago. I can’t believe how time as flown!Gina - Blog Post.jpg
How did you find out about Syft when you joined last year?
I was searching temporary jobs online, and came across Syft on a search engine. It looked interesting, I liked the idea of having an app where you have choice of when and where you work, unlike other agencies I had been with previously. I had to join and see what this was all about!

How did you find your first shift? Were you nervous?
My first shift was with Business Design Center. It was very interesting, I felt motivated to be working there. The clock-in and clock-out on the app was something I had never seen before, it was great to be using technology in this unique way! I wasn’t nervous at all, in fact, I felt the complete opposite, I was very excited for my first shift. I had years of experience working in the hospitality industry, so it all comes very naturally to me!

That’s great to hear! What has made you stay with Syft for so long?
I loved having the ability to choose when I worked, so I do not feel obliged to take shifts on certain days or times, which gives me so much flexibility. Another bonus for me was being able to choose which clients I want to work for, and which roles I want to work. There is so much variety on the platform! Of course, the pay is great too, which motivates that extra bit of hard work.

What did you do before Syft?
I have been temping for a long time. I liked being able to have some flexibility. I couldn’t work at a desk all day! For some time I worked for Sir Phillip Green at Arcadia, who runs Topshop and Topman.

Now that you work in the office at Syft training future Syfters, do you see a lot of yourself in them from when you first joined?
Yes, it is great to see how enthusiastic people are. I can often feel the passion when people come in and talk about their experience in the hospitality industry. For example, I had a guy interview with us last week who had participated in numerous barista competitions and won awards for his coffee art. I was so impressed with him – the way he spoke about his trade was very inspiring!

Do you have any advice for future Syfters?
Appearance and body language is key in this industry. People forget that a smile can go a long way! To survive in hospitality, it is imperative to have a positive attitude, look your best, be proactive and engage with clients. You chose to be there – so make it count!Also, Syfters must not forget to be true to their bio. If your bio says “a fast learner,” then clients will expect you to understand the tasks quickly.

What is good way to get verified at the induction?
It is down to having the right attitude, looking smart (dressing as if you were attending a shift), having good body language, and being able to confidently talk about experience in food and beverage.

How do maintain a work balance of being fun and professional?
I believe that we can always give a bit of sugar and salt – provide sweetness but also remain strict. It is always a great sign to see people enjoying the work they do, while still upholding a professional attitude. If you can master this then you will go very far in this industry.

What has been your favourite shift you worked and why?
I’d have to say my favourite shift has been at Sky Garden… The venue is great and I had the right people working with me. It was a tough shift, but we had such a strong team -every person understood working together was going to create a successful event and it really was! The customers at the function were great fun, the DJ was playing some great tunes and it was just an overall awesome night!

Speaking of music… What is your favourite song at the moment?
Bodak Yellow – Cardi B, an artist from my home country, Dominican Republic!

Thanks to Gina for the interview! You continue to provide lots of laughs in the office, and it’s been a pleasure working with you so far!