Job hopping and temporary work are often frowned upon by some employers. But there’s plenty of employer benefits to hiring temporary staff.

Let’s find out what job-hopping is, why people are changing careers more frequently and what the employer benefits actually are.

What is a job hopper?

A job hopper (or temporary worker) is someone who works briefly in one position rather than staying in any job long term.

Why are people changing jobs so frequently?

A “job for life” is no longer a viable option for many employees. With the growing advancements in technology and the ever-changing economic market, job seekers no longer have the guarantee that their job is safe. Job hopping allows workers to build up a variety of experience and means that they have transferable skills for a variety of roles.

In addition, workers are now more concerned about their work-life balance. According to a recent study, 46% of people said they’d quit a job they’d had for years for better job satisfaction, even if it meant re-training or gaining new qualifications. 

Furthermore job-hopping allows workers to progress their career much more quickly than waiting for a promotion. According to the Muse, a new job can lead to higher pay with an average 10-20% increase in salary after changing jobs

Why do some employers frown upon employees who job hop?

Hiring managers have a long history of rejecting applicants that have worked in a lot of roles. In fact according to CareerBuilder, even today 43% of employers won’t consider hiring job jumpers. In addition, a survey conducted by Indeed shows that a third of employers (32%) think job-hopping is a negative trend and have always done so, with almost the same proportion (31%) believing that short-term workers actually harm their company.

For some employers, temporary staff is a sign that an employee could be disloyal, hard to please, impatient and expensive. However, in most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially when it comes to Indeed Flex team members. We bring you the cream of the crop when it comes to temporary employees, and we can think of so many reasons why temporary workers can benefit businesses large and small. Here are our top 6 employer benefits of temporary staff.

Employer benefits of temporary staff

Expanded talent pool

Finding a candidate that ticks every single box on your checklist is going to be pretty difficult. By choosing to only interview and hire from a small group, you’re doing yourself an injustice and won’t have much choice in who you hire. 

Denying candidates purely based on the fact they have worked in a variety of roles, limits the number of qualified candidates you’ll meet during the hiring process. Meaning you could also be missing out on some amazing talent, simply by not letting people prove their worth. 

Working habits have changed through the years and many people now don’t feel the need to stay in one job forever. In fact, according to a study by the Future Workplace 91% of millennials expect to stay in a job for less than 3 years. Therefore by choosing not to employ job hoppers, you’re missing out on a whole generation of eager workers. 

Choosing to hire temporary staff members from Syft means you not only have more solution in your recruiting arsenal, but you’re also guaranteed to hire someone who has already been vetted, has skills and experience and is flexible to work when you need them to.

Highly skilled employees

Job hoppers get a bad rep for frequently changing roles but all those different jobs add up to one thing – a ton of work experience. In fact, according to a survey by CareerBuilder, 53% of employers said job hoppers “have a wide range of expertise”, making them a great asset. 

A recent graduate could be everything you want on paper but in practice may not have the people skills or work experience to get the job done. Whereas a job hopper who has lots of experience will be able to hit the ground running, so don’t judge a book by its cover.

Furthermore, all those skills even those from different industries are all transferable. For example someone who has experience speaking face to face with customers in a restaurant will be able to transfer those skills to speaking on the phone with clients as a receptionist.

With Syft we are able to match you with top rated employees, allowing you to have a better understanding of how well they’ll perform on the shift, putting your mind at ease.

They adapt quickly

When hiring a new staff member it can take a while to get them up to speed with everything that the role entails, but with Syft this isn’t an issue. Syft employees are used to being the new team member and are much better at picking up new skills and tasks quickly compared to someone who has stayed put for years, making them an adaptable asset for your business. 

Job hoppers are not afraid to walk in to a new role and get their hands dirty. They’re able to quickly figure out how a company works and are comfortable with learning new skills, asking questions and doing what it takes to get the job done.

In fact a recent survey found that 51% of employers said that “job hoppers can adapt quickly”. So hiring someone who’ll pick up the job quickly and will use their initiative when a task is complete will allow you to get on with running your business rather than babysitting new team members and potentially save you time and resources.

Furthermore, they’re used to working with a wide variety of people, personality types and managers, so they’re likely to fit in with the rest of the team pretty quickly and won’t be stuck in their ways when it comes to processes and protocols.

They have more connections

You never know what connections and expertise temporary workers could have that you can utilise to better your business. You should take advantage of their knowledge as it could save you time and money in the long run.

Flexible workers are not only able to adapt to any situation but they also have experience working in both efficient and inefficient working environments. They’ll have a good idea of what methods work better than others and could provide you with suggestions as to how some tasks can be completed more efficiently.

Whether it’s improving the way you input data or organising stock, every little helps when it comes to optimising your team and their knowledge about new tools and software should be seen as an advantage.

Building connections in any industry is often about who you know and their experience with other business could help you secure that more affordable supplier, get your business mentioned online or see the right people invited to your event.

Shows drive and ambition

Job hopping often has the misconception that employees who regularly change jobs are not committed and are unsure about their career. However we think it shows drive and that they’re not afraid to go after what they want. 

It’s difficult to know at a young age what career you want to do for the rest of your life and job hopping allows people to narrow down their choices and hone in on their strengths. It takes courage to change careers and it’s much easier to stay in the same job.

Regularly changing jobs is a sign of ambition and drive to seek out opportunities for growth. With this in mind, job hoppers are also more likely to be hardworking and strive for success. They have a short amount of time to impress you and will go above and beyond to progress in their career.


Temporary employees are likely to be more confident. Regularly changing jobs means they’re used to meeting new people and being in different environments. Confidence is an excellent quality to have in an employee and can benefit your business and team in so many ways.

We spend a large proportion of our day at work so hiring someone isn’t just based on whether they can do the job, it’s also about personality fit. A confident employee will be comfortable communicating with you and will quickly settle in with the rest of the team. 

Confidence is a crucial personality trait, especially when it comes to the hospitality and events industry. These sectors require workers to coherently communicate with customers, ensure that their needs have been met and that they’ve had an enjoyable experience. A shy employee may not be able to do this.

With Syft, our workers are used to being in new working environments and have the confidence and skills to get the job done. Not only that but they’ll be a friendly addition to your team that you’ll enjoy working with.

Now that you’ve hopefully come to the conclusion that flexible workers could be a great asset to you, why not take the first step in helping your business grow and hire a Flexer today!