Today we are really excited to announce that has signed an agreement to acquire Syft. Syft’s board, staff, Novo and myself believe this is the right decision for the company. In meeting with Indeed’s management team we found a near perfect alignment in our vision and values in being worker centric, increasing and democratising access to work. It soon became clear that the two companies together hold a very powerful proposition to build the future of work.

Novo, myself and the whole team will continue to run Syft day to day independently as we start to explore ways in which we can leverage our relationship with Indeed to accelerate our plans. What this does mean is increased collaboration to improve our product and service.

Many people have helped us along the way to here and we are very thankful for all the hard work our Syfters in particular have put in, the support of our clients, investors, staff and family.

We look forward to many more years to come as we build something which is set to change the world of recruitment.

Find out more about Syft’s partnership with Indeed here.

Jack Beaman
Co-Founder & CEO, Syft