How to Keep Safe While Shopping

  Most of us are still using our local supermarkets in order to buy essential goods. While the government has allowed this,...

Indeed Flex

28 March 2020

3 min read


Most of us are still using our local supermarkets in order to buy essential goods. While the government has allowed this, it’s important we all remain clued up on how to stay healthy and keep those around you safe too. 

Indeed Flex has scoured the web and found 5 ways to shop for your groceries in a safe manner.

Observe Social Distancing – social distancing isn’t just for when you are walking outside, it’s an important measure for all public spaces including inside shops. During your shop, avoid reaching across anyone to pick products from the shelves. Most supermarkets have put measures in place to make sure their customers are staying 2 metres apart, so please follow them. 

Shop Alone – If you live with others, why not take it in turns to go to the shops? Shopping alone will stop overcrowding in supermarkets. You may walk to the shops with someone you live with and we suggest one person waiting outside while the other collects the goods.

Use Self Service checkouts with care – Most express, metro or general supermarkets have self-service checkouts therefore if you have the option please use them, this will reduce the number of interactions with staff members. Although they are advised, they will also be a prime spot for the Covid-19 virus to live on, so make sure you use some antibac or wash your hands afterwards. Do not touch your face after use. It is noted that some supermarkets are now reconsidering their use of self-service checkouts.

Go Contactless– supermarkets across the UK are encouraging cash-free payments. According to the Bank of England, notes can carry bacteria or viruses, therefore, it is recommended you use your contactless debit card or your phone (Apple pay as an example) to pay.  From April 1st making payments via contactless will be raised to £45 from £30. 

Shop online where you can – we are aware that more and more online delivery services are struggling to meet the demand during Covid-19 however we have found some food services that are still accepting orders for you to try. We recommend the following: Hello Fresh, Mindful Chef, All Plants, and Riverford. However if you are young and fit, use your legs! This will contribute to your exercise and keep free delivery slots for the elderly and vunerable.

We understand going out shopping is crucial therefore don’t be discouraged to make a trip but only go for the essentials. We ask all Syfters to read these tips carefully and to keep safe!

Take care, everyone,

Team Indeed Flex