Whether you were enjoying some leisure time or hard at work, we hope you had a good bank holiday (the next one is at Christmas time – stay tuned!). Our internal team had a real mix of plans, ranging from attending the drizzly yet lively Notting Hill Carnival to sailing around Holland, while our Manchester squad took the chance to appear at the local Pride parade.

A highlight of the city’s calendar for decades, the Manchester Pride parade draws together thousands of people to celebrate the LGBT community, promote equality, tackle bigotry and support related local causes. The theme this year was The Circus of Acceptance. As the stream of multicoloured floats rolled by, the revellers in vivid outfits chatted, danced, posed and embraced the moment, you felt that this diverse, upbeat gathering not only lived up to the theme, but to what Pride aspires to. Additionally, hats off to the Syfters who joined our internal team on the day- hassle-free parading in action!

Despite a few crushing hangovers, our Manchester team hugely enjoyed taking part, meeting with loads of different people and supporting a great cause. As a company, we embrace diversity and inclusion wholly: our entire team is enriched by each person’s unique perspective and skills. We’re totally opposed to discrimination and strive to make a positive impact with our open, fair and transparent platform.

Here’s some of our highlights from the parade, including crazy costumes, glitter by the tonne… and a couple of pairs of stilts!

Getting glammed up at the office

We all look up to him!

Selfie time all the time

The caped celebrators strike a pose

Showing our Insta frame some love

Taste the rainbow! #SyftPride #LoveIsLove