The Christmas season is just around the corner, meaning you have a lot to think about in a very short space of time. By downloading suitable mobile apps, the craziness of Christmas could be made that little bit easier to manage. Whether they be used to monitor your weight to determine how many treats you can consume, managing your budget and finances or even grabbing those  last-minute gifts, mobile apps have never been smarter and may be a game-changer in the run-up to Xmas.

If you’re dreading the responsibilities of the approaching the festive season, here are several types of apps you should be downloading this year:

Keep track of your calorie intake

Chances are you’ll be eating and drinking to your heart’s content during the Christmas period. You must remember that Christmas is a time to let loose a little, so why not indulge in your favourite treats? However, perhaps you’ve also got a gym membership lined up for the new year and want to hit the ground running. You can have the peace of mind of keeping track of your daily calorie count with apps such as LoseIt! and MyFitnessPal.

Budgeting made easy

Christmas can hit the bank balance hard, so you may need to keep a closer eye on your finances than usual. Without the assistance of the following apps, it can be extremely easy for your spending to get out of hand. Here are some useful money apps to download:
Chip – A free and handy tool to help save money. Simply connect with your bank account – most UK banks are accepted – and you’ll receive information on how much you can spontaneously spend and how much you should put away.
VoucherCodes – If you consider yourself a bargain hunter, this app offers you a whole range of national discounts on products and services, so you can secure the best deals.
QuidCo – There are many different types of cashback apps, but Quidco enables you to download vouchers and gift codes, plus make withdrawals and monitor your cashback balance.

Grab those last-minute gifts!

There’s never enough time to get all the presents on your list and many of you may still be rushing around a few days before the big day to grab the last few items. However, there’s no need to rush to the shopping centre if you install a few key shopping apps onto your mobile device. These apps will allow you to make those all-important last-minute purchases, without the unnecessary stress:
Etsy: If you’re hoping to purchase unique gifts with a touch of character, you can’t go wrong with Etsy. This app allows users to browse a vast selection of one-off vintage and handmade items that you simply won’t find anywhere else.
Not on the High Street: For those that are aiming to look beyond the typical gift option, it would be worth downloading Not on the High Street. You can filter your options by specifying a budget and browse the individual categories to narrow down your search.
Shpock: If you’re looking to save that extra bit of cash on gifts this year, this app is the ultimate choice for purchasing second-hand items. What’s even more useful is that sellers are local, so you can have a chat and arrange a suitable collection date. There are a range of categories to browse through for any interest, including home and garden, babies and children and even leisure.

Earn last minute Christmas Cash with Syft

Everyone would love an extra bit of cash in their pocket for Christmas and by downloading the Syft app, you could really be ‘in the money’! This recruitment app allows job seekers to find a role that is suited to them and earn a wage that’s far above the industry average. You’ll receive your wages regularly, so you can make all your Christmas purchases in good time. You’ll even be eligible for holiday pay, so you can enjoy the festive break with your loved ones, without sacrificing your income. If you’re looking to get yourself back into work, download the app now and earn some extra Christmas cash.